Thursday, November 12, 2009

Raiders' Defensive Back Proves Al Davis Isnt The Only One Out Of Touch With Reality

The "other" Chris Johnson, a defensive back on the Raiders, said yesterday that the Raiders could go 8-0 in the 2nd half of the NFL season and finish up the year at 10-6. Wow. There actually might be one person in Oakland that is more out of touch with reality than Al Davis, who would've thought that? Here's the whole quote:
"If you really want to look at it, you can go 8-0 and you might end up 10-6," Johnson said Wednesday. "There's a possible way you can actually do it."

NO! No it is not possible. Not even in the least. Why would you even say that there is a possible way you can actually do it when there is no way they can do it. No chance at all and you know it Chris. You know it and I know it and everyone in their right mind (ie: everyone but Al Davis) knows it. So why are you lying to us Chris? WHY YOU GOTTA LIE, MAN? YOU HURT BABIES WHEN YOU LIE CHRIS. BABIES CRY!

Why won't the Raiders win every game in the 2nd half of the year? Good question kind reader, lets take a look at the Raiders upcoming schedule. In the next 8 weeks, their schedule includes a home game vs the Bengals, a road game at Pittsburgh, a road game at the Cowboys and a road game at the Denver Broncos. Last time I looked, all those teams are way better than the Raiders. You think they might lose maybe one of those games? I think everyone but Chris Johnson thinks they will.

You can't blame Chris Johnson for being hopeful in the second half, but c'mon now son, you gotta be realistic too!

From The Oakland Tribune

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