Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aw That's A Brazilian Shower?

It's not every day that a Brazilian Shower video turns up in your mailbox. There was no way we were going to look it when we first got it. "Aw what's in the box?? What's in the fucking box??" It wasn't too long ago that the rainbow country brought us the horror of 2 Girls, 1 Cup. We weren't going to fall for that scat again. Eventually I broke and took a look. I was overcome with relief when I saw that it wasn't an attempt to one up the infamous video. I'm not gonna lie. A small part of me was disappointed that it was just sports-related.

Check it out. No Rickroll. It's SFW. Assistant referee Celio Cavalcante goes postal after Carlos Eduardo sprays him with a water bottle during a soccer game in Brazil.

Eduardo was interviewed after being sent off but said he had "no regrets" about spraying Cavalcante. It's just another day in Brazilian soccer. At least this incident didn't end with cops rushing the field and arresting players or some girl making a shart-infused Jackson Pollock on someone else.

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Richard said...

That's a pretty ridiculous way of getting sent off, but the linesman's reaction is very funny!

I wonder if Brazilian bookmakers offer different options for betting on red cards if this is "normal" in Brazilian football. At least gamblers might have a chance at an open market, not like in Europe where the EU stifles betting and rips of consumers, see for more info.