Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ron Artest Is A Boxing Fan...No One Is Surprised By This

Ron Artest stopped by Manny Pacquiao's sparing session the other day and offered up his thoughts on the upcoming Pacquiao/Cotto fight to the LA Times.

Shocker that Artest is a fan of fighting huh? I never would've thought that. He's even gonna try to fit the fight into his busy work schedule.

Artest said he'll try to attend the fight between a road game Friday at Denver and a Sunday night home game, and elaborated on why pro athletes follow the fight game.

Man, its a good thing his day job doesnt require a lot of, i dunno, rest or practice or anything and he can fit the boxing match in. That Ron Artest, he's always got his priorities right. I wonder what his UFC plans are?

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