Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Everything Will Take Place At Cowboys Stadium

Did you know that you're having your next birthday at Cowboys Stadium? No? Well you know now. Surprise. Your nephew's bar mitzvah? Cowboys Stadium. The Winter Olympics? You know where it'll be. Me getting with your moms? Cowbo ... I'm just playin'. I'm going to her place when she finishes cage dancing.

It's hard to find an event that isn't taking place at Cowboys Stadium these days. The 2010 NBA All-Star Game and the 2011 Super Bowl will be taking place there. Preliminary talks have started regarding a Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight at Cowboys Stadium. The potential matchup would take place next March provided that Pacquiao beats Miguel Cotto this Saturday night and both camps can work out a deal.

Jerry Jones should consider a series called Gladiator Nights at Cowboys Stadium. There must be way to flood the field and have naval battles in addition to man vs. beast battles. Say you wouldn't be interested in watching a recreation of the Battle of Antietam fought out by convicts and bears in military uniforms. What better way to make players play hard than tell them they can play well or fight in next week's battle for their job? The possibilities are endless.

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