Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Senior Pound A Punk Day Is A Raging Success

Don't let those gay senior bowlers fool you. They may seem happy and harmless as they search for something to do besides talking about the old days and shitting themselves but cross them and they'll get all Jesus on that ass. A 16 year old kid found that out the hard way when he tried to steal during senior league night.

The would-be thief tried to steal two purses from two seniors and got more than he bargained for when he got dealt with by the elderly.
The [purse owners], along with other bowlers from the senior league, blocked the 16-year-old's escape through an exit on the building's west side. When he ran toward the glass doors at the building's front, league members were in hot and loud pursuit.

"A bunch of the senior ladies and senior men started hollering at him and chased him," Johnson said. "That's when Steve, my son, kind of held him down."

The center's front door is sliding glass, and Johnson said that confused the thief long enough for his 22-year-old son to come at him from behind the counter and pin the parried purse-snatcher to the floor.

Several of the senior bowlers dog-piled the teen and held him until police arrived.
This kid should be a hit when he gets back to school. Getting beatdown by old people never goes over well even if you are committing a crime. He should come out even at the best. Then again he probably doesn't have to worry about it since he probably doesn't attend school very much. Confusion by sliding glass is a good indicator of trunacy in addition to stupidity. Waterfalls must blow his mind.

What is it with people getting confused by sliding glass these days?

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