Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Now Worthless, Nike To Give Back Lebron Dunk Tapes

Now that TMZ and Ebaum's Nation both have rendered the value of any more video of Jordan Crawford's dunk on Lebron James to be virtually worthless, Nike has decided to give back the footage it confiscated that started this whole mess to begin with. Our long national nightmare is OVER! Free Jordan Crawford worked! Huzzah!! Blah. I guess if Nike can't make money off of Lebron, then they will try their hardest to make sure no one else will as well...even though they failed a bit there.

I mean, the dunk wasn't that special and the lack of defense that Lebron played while being in the way of said dunk makes it even less impressive that Crawford "dunked on" Lebron. It didn't even look to me like he cared the kid was leaping over him. All said, its pretty weak. The value of the videos was that Nike confiscated them in the first place, thus the rules of supply and demand made those videos far more important and valuable than they really should've been. Nike actually created value with their actions...not so smart on their part.

Now, Nike has returned them. I'm amazed they didnt get leaked before they were handed back, that is some pretty impressive security that the people of Nike have there in Oregon. For what its worth, Nike is still standing by its story that they had a no videotaping policy for pickup games, but we all know that is crap.

Jordan Crawford, you are now free...to be forgotten, your 15 minutes of fame have GOT to be up now.

From Ohio.com

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Anonymous said...

Nike is a strange company. More about that here: www.youtube.com/luddite333