Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Online Bookie Pays Out Big on Tiger's Win...Wait, He Lost?

Irish online sports betting site Paddy Power lost a bit of money over the weekend when they decided to pay out over $2 million in wagers on Tiger Woods to win the PGA Championship on Saturday...before he even teed off for round 3. This, obviously, did not work out so well for the betting site when YE Yang came from no where and won the event on Sunday. Meaning they not only lost that $2+ million that they already gave away for nothing, but they also had to pay people who bet on Yang at 150/1.

The guys that run this sports book might be the boldest dumbasses you have ever heard of in your life.

The best thing about this all is that the book isn't trying to get the money back. Some other sportsbook might try some real shady things to get their cash back, but not Paddy Power. They gave it away before they should've and they paid the price, taking their medicine like the men they are. That is a bookie that I can get behind there and I'll willingly give em this little free advertisement in this space for their huge blunder.

From Paddy Power Blog

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