Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Play Lacrosse And Your Could Die

Death by a sudden blow to the chest, thus stopping the heart, is the cause of 43% of the deaths in Lacrosse games. That stat is 2x greather than in baseball, about 15x greater than in football, 20x greater than in soccer, and 54x greater than for softball. In other words, if you get hit in the chest by that hard little ball coming out of that stick at like 100m.p.h...you very well might die, even if you're wearing a chest protector.

Insane huh? That is one deadly, insignificant, sport there.

Don't believe me? Read the article here, you'll never let children play sports ever again since it is 12 pages of the most deadly sports in high school. Shoot, you may never let them leave the house again. It might make you want to support a "Footloose" style ban on all sports. Kids in the future might be saying "I...I just wanna play!" instead of wanting to dance.

From ABCNews

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