Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Charles Rogers And Rashaan Salaam Want To Know What The Problem Is

Rashaan Salaam's name should become a verb the next time a professional athlete admits to smoking weed every day. "Player X rashaan salaamed himself out the league." Former Lion Charles Rogers gets us one step closer to sweet verbdom with his admission that he smoked the tweed every day and was addicted to painkillers. He flamed out after his third season in the league. Here's a clip from his ESPN interview with Jemele Hill that will air in its entirety on Outside The Lines August 16.

You have to love Matt Millen saying "something was clearly wrong". Really? Could it have been that he drafted a known problem case or the fact that he is the worst GM in the history of sports? He makes Wes Unseld look like a Hall of Famer for his front office work with the Bullets/Wizards.


Anonymous said...

the exemplar ought to be Elgin Baylor.

Mustafa Redonkulous said...

Oh good one.