Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kenny Williams Can't Catch A Break

Yesterday, not only did Chicago White Sox GM Kenny Williams win a waiver wire claim for Toronto Blue Jays OF Alex Rios costing his team $60 million, he also got ticketed for jaywalking. That is $56 out of his own pocket right there all for not trying to find a street corner before jetting across the street to Safeco Field before his team played the Mariners.

He probably just got the phone call on his cell that they had won the claim for Rios and I would've been running as well...to the nearest bathroom so I could puke my guts out knowing I just caused my owner to be on the hook for SIXTY FUCKING MILLION DOLLARS in the middle of a recession. I wonder if that cop is a Mariners fan and recognized Kenny? If so, well played.

From MLB.com

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