Friday, August 14, 2009

Michael Phelps Should Just Stop Driving

Olympic God and personal disaster Michael Phelps has crashed his car into another car on Thursday night. I'm beginning to wonder why, with all his money, he just doesnt get a driver in a car with heavily tinted windows (to hide the bong use of course). This is the second traffic incident Phelps has had since his Olympic medal domination, the first resulted in a DWI.

Apparently Phelps hit some chick's Honda with his Escalade and you know who wins that battle. Phelps and passengers were unscathed, the Honda driver was taken to the hospital and released. Police are investigating, alcohol is believed to not be a factor...but its also rumored Phelps blew through a red light and hit the car.

Seriously, this guy needs to just go back to the lake he came from. Its not our fault this merman missed adolescence because he spent all of his days and nights in water! Leave us alone! Go back from whence you came! Stop causing our children to cry!



chi flat iron said...

Too bad all the wrong people have the most money. If things in this life were remotely fair this douche should be mowing lawns for parks and rec for a living.
chi original flat iron

Technology said...

He's lucky he wasn't seriously injured.