Thursday, February 19, 2009

SF Giants' Bocock's Bocock Is Happy

Who says there are no more performance enhancing drugs in baseball? San Francisco Giants' minor league shortstop Brian Bocock missed most of last season because of a circulatory problem in his hand but he is all better now thanks, in part, to...Viagra.
“The doctors had me on baby aspirin, anti-inflammatories, blood thinners, and, well … Viagra,” Bocock said, sheepishly.
“It was a low dose – just 25 milligrams – but I had to take it every day,” Bocock said.
“I can’t imagine what 100 milligrams does to you.”

Since Viagra increases blood flow, it helped out the condition in his hand...and elsewhere apparently. I wonder if Rafael Palmeiro would decline that he used the drug while playing like he did the 'roids unlike Mr. Bocock here. Kudos to admitting that you used the stiffy picker upper. Bocock's got a bright future ahead of himself in baseball, or, with a name like that, in the pornography industry. So long as Bocock's Bocock isn't as small as his batting average.

From Mercury News Blogs
Photo from AP Photo by Jeff Chiu

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