Monday, February 9, 2009

One Arse In A Sack Please

There may be no I in team but there sure is a me especially in Aussie Rules. Carlton's Cameron Croke was knocked out by teammate Setanta O'hAilpin during an intrasquad training match last week. The two players scuffled off the ball and O'hAilpin landed a punch while Cloke was on his knees. The punch dropped Cloke who lay motionless on the ground. While he was down, O'hAilpin added insult to injury by kicking him in the ass.

A bit hypocritical for the Aussies to resort to stereotypes of Irish tempers in the news report, don't you think? Maybe O'hAilpin was pissed off because he was named after a television network. Wait until ESPN Montana Real gets older.

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