Monday, February 9, 2009

Michael Westbrook And Steve Smith Salute Terdell Sands' Vigor

It seems like it was only yesterday that Michael Westbrook was making teammate Stephen Davis' face into mashed potatoes. No clue whether he stuck his dick in them when he finished. Redskins owner Dan Snyder should consider signing Terdell Sands of the Oakland Raiders if he wants that same fight in his defense. He might want to get a recommendation from punter Shane Lechler.

Sands punched Lechler in the face during an argument on a team flight on November 23rd. No action was taken against Sands and the incident only seems to have come to light in the past couple days even though sources inside and outside of the organization confirmed the story. The San Francisco Examiner notes that the incident combined with the Raiders' all-around suck make it unlikely that Lechler will sign a new deal with the team.

Tom Cable seems to have a handle on things in Raider Nation. The commitment to mediocrity will continue as scheduled.


BettorFan said...

Raider Nation is more like Raider Village. How long until the Franchise is back on track? -

DMtShooter said...

Outstanding Beasties reference there. Add gravy, makes its own sauce.