Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ice Cube Could Have Used Omar Vizquel On That Boat

Deebo couldn't take the Cube out as much as he tried. That muthafuckin snake though... Too bad Omar Vizquel wasn't on that boat with J-Lo and the rest of the crew. He might have been able to save them from the anaconda if Jon Voight didn't take him out first.

Vizquel went to Venezuela where he used his time to catch anacondas with his bare hands.
"This thing is 11 or 12 feet long," Vizquel said. "You've got to find the tail and pull it out of the water and bring it to safe territory. It is dangerous in and out of the water, but you have to maneuver yourself to stay behind it. Once you're behind it, you grab it by the back of the neck.

"It's a fun thing."
No it's not. You know how this starts? In the words of the late Big Pun, "Snake bite, marijuana, anaconda!" It starts with a couple drinks and some tweed. The next thing you know, you're digging for anacondas. You know what's fun? The Austin Carr drinking game. Hanging with Steve Urkel and speeding down the road to an amazing blow job in a car filled with wine coolers and bear claws. That's fun. Risking death by playing that Flash Gordon game of sticking your hands into the unknown and hoping you don't end up being bitten and/or slowly digested by a large snake. Not fun.

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