Thursday, February 5, 2009

Huggy Bear Jr. Wants You To Step Your Smoke Game Up

"Dude, we can totally make a gravity bong with that helmet. Fuck yeah."

Chimp doesn't think Mike Florio's latest find is on the same level as Stop Snitchin' but I disagree. It's hard to beat one liners like "The human torch, n***a! Flame on!" and "Step your smoke game up, bitch!" What will definitely be hard to beat is the smackdown that will probably come when the Raiders find out about running back Justin Fargas' appearance in a video with copious amounts of ganja and uncouth language.

PFT reports on a video made by one Yukmouth who tries to bring the best out of tweed smokers by showing some tough love and encouraging them to step their smoke game up. Fargas makes a guest appearance although he doesn't smoke. He does mumble some unintelligble garbage that would disappoint Papa Huggy Bear and Dolomite.

Here's the video for your viewing pleasure. Be warned that there's offensive language all the way through. Definitely NSFW or a convent due to language.

Mushmouth and Martellus Bennett feel you, sport. Fargas probably has nothing to worry about. He plays for the Raiders. Al Davis can't remember what he had for breakfast this morning.

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