Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Er Ah, I Will Drink Craig Ehlo Under The Table

What's the new hotness in Cleveland besides burning rivers and Mankok? It's the newest drinking game to take the Buckeye state by storm. All you need is a Cleveland Cavaliers television broadcast and a case of your favorite macrobrew. In no time, you too can be taking pictures of your cock by halftime like our friend Adriano above.

Cavs analyst Austin Carr has inspired a new drinking game among Cavs fans based on various catchphrases he uses during games. Participants drink every time he drops a catchphrase. It's as simple as that.
So James isn't LeBron, he's the "L- train!"

For a slam dunk, (fill in Cavs player here) "throws the hammer down!"

When an opponent's shot is swat ted away, viewers can count on Carr's enthusiastic, "Get that weak stuff outta here!"
Fans of other teams can easily adapt this to their favorite announcer or analyst. Wizards fans could drink everytime Steve Buckhantz drops "Dagger!" although this season, they could end up as sober as they started. Nets fans can drink every time Marv drops a "Yes!". You get the picture.

Instead of being offended by the game, Carr is honored to have a drinking game in his honor.
"...My kids told me about reading it on the Internet," Carr said. "I consider it an honor that people think it's worthy of being noticed, that they feel it's worthy of having fun with."
Vin Baker and Charles Barkley can't wait to get in on the fun.

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