Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Meet The Kaiser Of All Dickheads: Jens Lehmann

It's nice to see that Jens Lehmann is continuing the tradition of German dickhead keepers. Oliver Kahn would be proud if he wasn't busy being pissed at losing his national team spot and being an asshole to everyone around him.

Kahn was pissed that Khalid "Cannibal" Boulahrouz (Chelsea reject) didn't listen to him during a UEFA Cup match against St. Petersburg. Instead of simply yelling at him like a normal keeper, he grabbed his headband and threw it behind the goal. That'll learn him.

Maybe Lehmann realized he should toss the gear of opposing players. He didn't have long to wait for his second chance. On Saturday, Hoffenheim's Sejad Salihovic lost his shoe during play against Stuttgart. Lehmann picked it up and instead of giving it back to Salihovic, he threw it behind him and it landed on top of the goal.

Of course, Lehmann showed remorse after the Hoffenheim incident.
"I can only say for myself that in 20 years I never seriously injured a player and that I again have to deal with cheap comments by people who think they can make the headlines by using my name," the 39-year-old Lehmann told Monday's Bild newspaper.
Stay classy, douchebag.

We have to apologize for the background music on both videos. These were the only videos we could find. I think I'd almost prefer "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor" or "Afternoon Delight".

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