Friday, June 1, 2007

Sucker Born Every Minute

An enterprising Ebayer from Delaware is selling their empty (ie: used, drank from, no alcohol inside) aluminum Bud and Bud Lite beer bottles from a Washington Nationals game. These bottles retail for $6.50 while full and at the ballpark. I would know, I drank a couple of them on Wednesday at the Nats/Dodgers game. Muskyfisher is selling these empty aluminum bottles for a starting bid of $7.99 for the pair, plus $5.50 shipping and handling. $13.49 minimum price for empty beer bottles...that he paid $13.00 for and enjoyed while watching a game.

Have ye no shame man????

As an aside...this below will set you back $10.98 and costs no more than a few cents to make. There is no way this is an officially licensed Washington Nationals' product...

What the hell does this even mean? Nationals University?? Doctorate Degree of Nationals Baseball? WHAT???

Link for cans you have no business buying here

Link for paper you have no business buying here

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