Monday, June 11, 2007

Open Wide For Some Soccer

This Gold Cup match determined once and for all which nation is the greatest on earth. Mexico or Honduras.

The Deuce bows in Honduras' general direction and we salute our new overlords.

Oh yeah and the US won too.

Mormons Hate Tibet

First Freddy Adu gets hit in the head with a golf ball and now Tibetan supporters are being oppressed Tiananmen-style.

Several fans were tossed from an exhibition match between China and Real Salt Lake last Thursday for waving a Tibetan flag.
Some of the Chinese players stepped off the field early in the second half and refused to play again until the flags were put away.

The fans put away the Tibetan flags, as well as flags of Taiwan and a sign referring to China's Tiananmen Square protest in 1989, but brought them out again later in the game.

Real Salt Lake spokesman Trey Fitz-Gerald said the fans were kicked out for being disruptive. He said they were more focused on harassing the Chinese players than making a political statement.

``This is a case where we invited this team here, and we were their host, and we needed to be diplomatic,'' Fitz-Gerald said.
It would be one thing if buddhist Richard Gere was thrown out with his gerbils. Utah hates your freedom.

If I Could Be Like Diego

Lionel Messi scored a goal against Getafe earlier this season which was reminiscent of Maradona's amazing goal against England in 1986 which is considered by many to be one of the greatest goals ever scored.

Looks like Messi took his hero worship to new heights over the weekend with a goal that resembled Maradona's Hand of God.

England fans must be having Vietnam-style flashbacks.

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