Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Come on Cavs!!

In case you haven't ever heard the Cleveland Cavaliers "fight" song, NBA.com has graciously put it up on the Cavaliers' page for all to listen, as well as the history of this magnificent piece of musicianship...and we say that with the straightest of faces. Ok, not really. Here's a bit of the inspirational origin of such a classic piece of American musical achievement:
So Morrow sat down at his piano and pounded out an opening refrain. ‘Come on, Cavs,’ the song began. He added a little ‘fast-break-action’ here and a ‘rally-two-by-two’ there. And a few hours later, what Cavaliers immortal, Austin Carr, calls “the best professional team fight song ever” was born.
This song is sure to take Cleveland to the top this year...even though its failed to do so every year since its inception in 1974. And so, without further ado...take a listen below.

Download or Listen to "Come On Cavs"

History of "Come on Cavs" here on NBA.com
Photo of Cavaliers Great, Bingo Smith

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GMoney said...

I totally remember this classic when my dad had season tickets at the old Richfield Coliseum!!! What a great tune, to this day it still creeps into my subconscience every once in awhile.