Saturday, June 2, 2007

Chad Johnson To Race A Horse

Chad Johnson is tired of the Michael Vick, Pac Man Jones, and Randy Moss dominating the offseason headlines and is doing something about it! Chad Johnson is going to race a horse. is reporting that Ocho Cinco himself is going to race a 4-year-old colt named Restore at Cincinnati's River Downs on June 9th. Restore will run 1/8th of a mile and Johnson will run half that. Chad says:
'I'm ready,' he said. 'He has two extra legs, so I will get a two-extra-leg lead. It's all for fun. The important thing is raising money to help those in need.'
The good thing is that this is all for charity, with the proceeds going to his coach's foundation and Feed The Children. The Deuce hopes that this is the beginning of many human vs animal events we have to look forward to. Next, i want to see Michael Vick vs. One of his Rottweilers or Mike Tyson vs. A Kangaroo. Anyone else have any dream Athlete vs. Animal events?

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