Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm Giving Up Love My Baby

It's always tough to see two people in love go through a bad patch. We've seen it with Tom Arnold and Roseanne. Bobby and Whitney. R. Kelly and that underage girl. Say it ain't so, Jay and Brandon.

Denver Broncos QB Jay Cutler is sick of WR Brandon Marshall's shit and he's not gonna take it anymore.
"I support him and stuff, but it's always something with him right now," Cutler told a small media contingent at Dove Valley in a wide-ranging, surprisingly candid interview.

...The third-year quarterback admitted about Marshall, only half- joking, that "He's not my favorite person right now."

"This wasn't like his DUI and other stuff he's had. It was an accident. But, still, stuff like this can't happen," Cutler said. "Hopefully, this is the last."
As to Marshall's claim that the horseplay that led to his arm injury was a wake-up call,
"I mean, a DUI is a wake-up call. He's had many wake-up calls," Cutler said. "He's been in (coach Mike) Shanahan's office many times. I've been up there with him and he's said the same thing, 'It's a wake-up call, a lot of things are going to happen.' Blah, blah, blah. Until he goes out and proves it, we'll see what happens."
It's hard to see Jake Plummer or Brian Griese stepping up like Cutler. Plummer would just walk away and Griese would trip ... sorry, fall over shitfaced in the driveway and knock himself out before showing any kind of leadership.

Cutler didn't stop there. He proceeded to call out Javon Walker, the left tackles, the kicker, management and the beer guy. It's about time Denver had some leadership at the QB position. Hopefully that'll keep him safe when the left tackle lets the blitz through on the weak side as revenge for selling him short.

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Anonymous said...

You aint lying about the left tackle part, I know he better have a pro bowl season and get them to the afc championship game the way he is running his trap. Its not like he's shown flashes of being the next Elway or something so he better put up or shut up.