Friday, April 4, 2008

The Cleveland Three-Card Monte

The Cleveland Three-Card Monte isn't as famous as the Cleveland Steamer yet but give it some time. If Phil Savage pulls a couple more moves like this, the whole world will know the Cleveland Monte. Perhaps not as well as the Donkey Punch but close enough.

Browns GM Phil Savage resigned QB Derek Anderson to a 3year, $26 million extension in part for his play last season but also to spite the Cowboys and Dolphins. Wha?

Savage admitted that he was worried that Dallas would sign Anderson then trade him to the Dolphins and he just couldn't have that.
Dallas would have signed Anderson to a big contract and included a "poison pill," which would have made it impossible for the Browns to match the offer.

Dallas would have compensated the Browns with first- and third-round picks. They would be the Cowboys' original selections, No. 28 overall in both rounds.

Dallas would have traded Anderson and their other first-round pick - No. 22 overall, obtained from the Browns last year - to Miami for the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. The Cowboys then would select Arkansas running back Darren McFadden with that pick.
Savage was suspicious that Bill Parcells wouldn't return calls before the Feb. 29 tender deadline. He just couldn't live starting a douchebag at QB and we have to respect that.

There would be nothing to see here if that were the only reason Savage boxed out the Cowboys. However our resident conspiracy theorist "also thought the Cowboys would lend Parcells a hand in the transaction partly to tweak the Browns for looking good in the Brady Quinn trade of a year ago, which resulted in a much lower pick for the Cowboys than anticipated."

Yeeeeah that's it. The Cowboys already have their own douchebag who dates never-been singers and chokes under pressure. We're surprised Romo wasn't in the hot tub with Leinart and Lachey. It must suck when you don't get invited to amateur hour. Tom Brady's probably laughing at these clowns and think, "Dude, I was so never like that." as he blocks out the fact that he dated the same Tara Reid as Kyle Boller.

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