Thursday, April 3, 2008

Has Arthur Blank Been Getting High Off His Own Supply?

Don't be surprised if you see Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank roaming the aisles of your local Home Depot mumbling, "I can't quit you, Ron" while huffing glue like a Brazilian street kid. What other reason could he have for talking about the redemption of Michael Vick?

Blank spoke with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Steve Wyche in an interview about the state of the Falcons. He admitted that he has been in touch with Vick and that they have written each other several times.
Q: Have you been in touch with Michael Vick?

A: Michael has written a couple times. I've written him back. We have that kind of relationship. Despite the mixture of frustration, anger and disappointment in him, I believe in second chances and redemption. I would love to see Michael pay his debt to society and come out and play again in the NFL. I think he could also be a big help to ... speak to people about some of his choices.

Q: Would you welcome him back to the Falcons?

A: I would not say yes. I would not say no. At this point, Michael is in a federal penitentiary [on a dogfighting conviction] and is suspended from football. We have to move forward. We are moving forward. We have to assume he's not coming back. I do wish him well. I'd love to see him play again. It would be good for the NFL.
Of course Vick should get another chance in the NFL once he's served his sentence however one has to question the possibility of Vick returning to the Falcons. The Falcons' acceptance of him would almost be equivalent to the battered wife taking back the abusive husband. He had plenty of chances and burned the team at every turn. The team is a wreck in large part because of him. Let's also give Bobby Petrino his props.

The Falcons need to make a clean break and start fresh. Let some other team like the Bengals make Vick their redemption project. We can't imagine Blank would seriously consider taking him back but someone might want to check the glue stock in case.


Jeff V said...

Atlanta might be the one city where he really has a chance though. In Atlanta he still is revered and once he gets out of jail he will be wildly unpopular in basically every other city. The only place besides the ATL (and I'm not sure how I feel about this) that I could see him playing is Washington D.C. with all of the VT supporters.

Mike Vick needs to strait up grovel to get his public image back to even neutral.

Mustafa Redonkulous said...

You know you're right. I can't see him going anywhere else and people accepting him. Maybe Miami because they're not real sports fans anyway.