Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's obvious to observers of the beautiful game in the US that Freddy Adu wasted too much time screwing around in the MLS and finger banging JoJo. He should have gone to an Italian, Dutch or French soccer academy where he could have developed his game at a top level as opposed to starring in a league that doesn't do anything for players of his age and raw, undeveloped skill.

Adu's been unable to secure a starting place in Portugal or France let alone regular playing time. Could this be the end of the boy wonder? Four Four Two takes a look at the premature demise of Freddy Adu.

Take Giuseppe Rossi of Villareal. Not only does he start for a La Liga (Spain) team but he's also made his way onto the Italian national team. No small feat for a kid from Teaneck, New Jersey. His parents sent him to Italy in his teens and the results speak for themselves.

Adu's not finished yet but he needs to establish himself somewhere and fast as opportunity is quickly passing him by. If his run of poor form and bad luck continues, he won't even be able to bag a Kardashian. It's not all bad. He'll always have Ja Rule.

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Anonymous said...

finally someone is blowing the whistle on this fraud (if Nigeria is 419, does that make Freddy a 418?).
He has Oneywu speed- which means, little. Small, and he sure didn't look 15 when I saw him vs. the mighty Chelsea. He couldn't start for a run-of-the-mill MLS side, let alone in a top-7 league