Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo Is Your New Walrus Of Love

Douche Unlimited is the new Love Unlimited. If you've been waiting for one more reason to hate on Cristiano Ronaldo, your wait is over. You've seen him dive on the pitch like the Kursk. Now witness his musical dive as he covers Julio Iglesias' Amor Mio.

Amor Mio is just one of the songs that Ronaldo agreed to cover as part of an advertising campaign for Portuguese bank Banco Espírito Santo. They apparently also trample Barry White's legacy in the name of more deposits. If you hear about Sea World walruses losing their shit in the next couple weeks, you'll know why. Expect human collateral damage. No one disrespects the Walrus of Love and gets away with it.

Link: NME

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