Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who Shot Who In The What Now

Now I may not be some hotshot trial lawyer like Jackie Chiles but I do have the sense that I'd probably have a better strategy than telling my client to pretend he doesn't speak English. Then again that's probably why I'm not one.

Andy Pettitte was impressed enough with the strategy to hire Jay Reisinger. Reisinger represented Sammy Sosa during the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearings. If you remember, Sosa forgot that he spoke English. It was pretty damn funny but effective enough to stymie the hacks that inhabit the House of Representatives. Pettitte will probably have a harder time convincing the committee members that he doesn't speak English but perhaps we give them too much credit.

Chuck Knoblauch should have an easier time defending himself. Unless he was trying to peg Keith Olbermann's mother, he's proof that steroids don't necessarily make one a better player. He should get together with all the named Orioles and demand an apology.

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