Wednesday, January 9, 2008

China's Olympic Committee Has Thought of Everything

China believes it takes a highly trained individual to be an Olympic medal presenter for the Beijing Olympics. They take it so seriously that they have developed a program for young girls to train for this arduous task.

At these schools, young girls must wear high heeled shoes for hours at a time, smile pretty much all day and balance books on their heads to improve posture along with studying etiquette and English. Sounds tough huh? Well the competition is tougher, there are only 380 spots available for this coveted position and they only accept girls who are at least 5'4" and "not too heavy" so they could "fit into the uniforms provided".
"This is a huge opportunity for them. The Olympics will put them in front of the world's audience and lead to a life-time of fortune,"
The perfect smile consists of showing only the top 8 teeth and looks nothing like this...


From Yahoo Sports

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