Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Vai Sikahema, Your Next Boxing Superstar

Vai Sikahema works at Philadelphia's NBC 10 as its sports director, has a good job and a good life after his NFL playing days, but his life will not be complete until he gets into the ring and gets his head knocked off by a boxer.

Vai is chronicling his attempt to get back into shape and get into the ring for an actual boxing match on January 19th against 37 year old David Cruise. Cruise is a former University of Iowa martial arts team member specializing in Tae Kwan Do and currently does some radio work. This, does not sound good for the former NFL running back/return man.

Dude is 45 years old and only boxed when he was a teenager and he's going up against a man who is nearly 10 years younger and was on his college's martial arts team. This has disaster written all over it. For what you ask? Let Vai tell you himself:
"'Why?' my wife has asked numerous times over the past month.Well, because I'm curious. That's all, just curious. And frankly, I think it'll be fun. That's it -- no hidden agenda, just curiosity and fun."

Well that makes sense. I, too, am a curious sort who likes to have fun, but never in my mind did I think that getting the shit beat out of me would be entertaining for myself. In fact, I generally feel quite the opposite about it. This is almost like right out of fight club or something. Someone has to get some video of this fight for us. You know where to send it. (mail [at] deuceofdavenport [dot] com).

From NBC 10 Philadelphia


Anonymous said...

Ummm dude, Tae Kwan Doe is pretty worthless in a boxing match. If Vai boxed as a teenager, and is a former NFL Level athlete, he is a HUGE Favorite. If all this Cruise guy has done is be on an intramural martial arts team and work in radio, and be 7 years younger, he is probably going to get creamed. I don't follow your logic here at all. Weak.

JC said...

Does he think that his opponent will be as easy as his last one?


krub16 said...

University of Iowa is an intramural thing huh? Check out where all of the MMA guys are coming out of. They grow tough guys there.

Anonymous said...

Coming out of the Militech gym in Davenport has nothing to do with an intramural team at the University of Iowa 60 miles away.

Anonymous said...

Krub, 5:50 is correct. And the MMA crowd that attends college are the wrestlers, not the martial art specialists. Given that this is a boxing match Vai is a huge favorite.

Anonymous said...

For anybody wondering, Vai won the fight. I haven't seen any clips posted online, nor have I heard of anywhere having the fight in its entirety, but Vai took it via decision and looked good in the clips that aired on NBC 10.