Friday, January 11, 2008

Super Giant Russian Boxer Back In The Press

Do you remember Russian Heavyweight and former WBA Heavyweight title holder Nicolay Valuev? No? Maybe? Well think hard, you may remember Valuev as the 7'1" giant that beat John Ruiz for the Heavyweight boxing title back in 2005. He never actually made it big here in the states, but that's not stopping him from acting like American boxers do while over in his homeland.

Valuev was just ordered by St. Petersburg’s Kalininsky district civil court to pay 130,000 rubles ($5,320) in compensation to a security guard at the Spartak sports complex which for beating the 60 year old guard all upside his head over a dispute with Valuev's wife's car. Valuyev also has to pay 100,000 rubles in “moral damages” to the guard, Yury Sergeyev, and 30,000 rubles in fines.

The Beast from the East doesn't stop there though. He's gone Hollywood out in the former Eastern Bloc and has wrapped a yet to be released movie entitled "Stone Head" (Kamennaya Bashka) by director Fillipp Yankovsky. The director says he's a natural and that he showed range in playing an athlete and someone who struggles with being a giant. That had to be a HUGE stretch for Valuev for sure.

So lets see, 7'1" athletic freak, championship boxing title, assault, battery, making did this guy not make it in the states? Surely his stunning good looks and lumpy head had nothing to do with it? WWE needs a new Russian villain, they should look this guy up. He's a freakin natural

From St. Petersburg Times

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