Tuesday, January 15, 2008

All In The Family

There's just something about these English football families. From the Bartons to the Pennants, there's a bond which you just don't get over here except with the Vicks.

Let's meet the Pennants. The best known Pennant is Jermaine who's known for his lackadaisical play for Liverpool and his criminal record which includes being arrested for drunk driving and giving the police the name of his Arsenal teammate Ashley Cole. He was also arrested for smacking his bitch up.

Now where would he learn these nasty habits. Enter dad Gary Pennant. News of the World discovered that Gary is the proud owner of a crack and heroin den in Nottingham, England.

"Crack" investigators were able to buy crack and heroin from Gary after working their way into his lair of temptation.
On Thursday our undercover investigators got inside his dingy two-storey lair. Dreadlocked pusher Pennant, 43, sold them three rocks of crack and a wrap of heroin, then bragged:

"It's top sh**. See for yourself. Just let me know if you need any more, you're safe!"

But safety is his last concern. Our team watched in shock as Pennant's dad INJECTED heroin into a call-girl customer then used the SAME needle on himself.

Meanwhile three men were upstairs having sex, all at the same time, with another hooker out of her head on drugs.

A Jamaican henchman called Tee told us: "Drugs, gang-bangs, anything you like goes here. It's cool. If you want to take one of the bitches you can.
Gary Pennant's crib sounds like the Carter Apartments. You can just see him jumping up and yelling at Tee, "Sit yo five dollar ass down before I make change!"

The paper reports Jermaine is still close with his dad. If that's the case, it's amazing he's managed to get in as little trouble as he has so far. He must be a huge disappointment to his pops.

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