Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cashley Cole, Catholic Crusader?

Don't say that footballers don't have a serious, contemplative side. Players like Kaka and Mateja Kezman score for Jesus all the time. Well, Kaka does. It's not yet clear what the hell Kezman is doing. Seems more like blasphemy.

Then you have players like Chelsea's Ashley "Cashley" Cole. Billy Gallas and £5M to Arsenal for Cole was a bad move. However, I may have been too quick to judge him. The Catholic Church may have found a new champion or crusader in the form of Cashley Cole.

Cole, married to Girls Aloud member Cheryl Cole, was busted for hooking up with a hairdresser after a night of heavy drinking. Among other things, he "slapped her bottom so hard his platinum wedding ring left a mark, vomited in a girl’s car — then said she should feel 'privileged', made absurd claims that Girls Aloud singer Cheryl 'didn’t mind' him cheating as long as he kept it secret, and interrupted their sex session to be sick again".

It looks as though he's learned from that experience and has turned to the church for guidance. The Sun reports that he hooked up with another girl but he followed Rome's advice and didn't use protection.
Glamour model BROOKE HEALY, 23, has told how England ace Cole bedded her at a friend’s house following a boozy night out with Chelsea team-mates.

She said yesterday: “When we were getting down to it I asked him if he had protection because I wasn’t on the Pill.

“He said not to worry about it because he was always getting tests at Chelsea and he was clean.

“He said he didn’t do protection and not to worry because everything would be cool.
Who knew commies like Roman Abramovich were closet believers? When you're richer than Nazis, you can check for everything. Derby and Wigan must be running rampant with STDs. No wonder they're so slow. It's hard to run fast when your crotch is burning like Michael Jackson's hair on fire.

Like all heroes, Cole isn't a perfect man. Hoes have been dropping out of the sky like dead spy satellites to call him out. He allegedly offered the hairdresser money to have an abortion.
When Aimee, 22, feared she might be pregnant, Cole’s representative met her at a Harvester pub and offered her cash to have an abortion ... She was then taken into the office of a West End nightclub and told to sign a document declaring she hadn’t slept with Cole - in exchange for an envelope stuffed with £6,000 in cash.
That's not the half of it.

Cole slept with the girl on the left the year he got married and paid her £10,000 in hush money. The chickenhead on the right claims to have slept with him five months after he was married.

He claims to not "do protection" and none are pregnant. What other proof do you need, people? Get out there and do God's work!


Cousins of Ron Mexico said...

My girlfriend wishes I was so romantic...

Chimpanzee Rage said...

Yea, i cant tell you how many times i've told my girlfriend "she should feel 'privileged'" after i vomit in her car. Its a badge to honor to have my vomit.