Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So...Should Barry Bonds Do This Now?

If you somehow missed it, yesterday, former Oakland Athletics and St. Louis Cardinals' slugger Mark McGwire announced that he used steroids off and on for 10 of years of his playing career. Interestingly enough, from my perspective, most of the press on McGwire coming out and admitting his steroid use seems to be leaning slightly on the positive side while mostly settling down in the "ho-hum, no duh, who cares" category of news. I couldn't help but think that since there has been such little backlash for McGwire coming out of the steroids closet now might just be the time for Barry Bonds to do so as well?

Perhaps since everyone's mind was already made up long ago that McGwire did use steroids, no one feels the need to demonizing the guy anymore for what he did. It seems to be almost humorous to most that he is finally coming out to admit his transgressions now and that is a lot better than what many other steroids abusers have had happen to them. Have times changed so much so quickly? Could we be entering the steroids amnesty phase of media reporting?

Sure, if Bonds admits steroid use tomorrow there will be the inevitable "Well he only did it because McGwire did it" story-lines but even that is better than the venom that was spewed in the early days of steroid outtings. Now, in the TMZSports world of Tiger Woods head bashing/car trashing/ho' lashin antics and Gilbert "gun's ablazin'" Arenas buffonery, the public and the media that feeds it doesn't seem to be too interested in this old and relatively tame story of athletes juicing.

If there ever was a time for Barry Bonds or anyone to come out and admit steroid use, now appears to be the time to do it. Get in while the gettin's good guys.


Doug McNamara said...

But wouldn't Barry end up going to jail for a long, long time if he admitted to using steroids and thus perjured himself? And I'm not talking about white-collar resort prison. No, no, no. He'll be going to federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

Chimpanzee Rage said...

That is true, he very well might head to prison, unless there is a statue of limitations thing like what McGwire did. He had to wait 5 years before he could tell the truth so he didn't incriminate himself.