Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Court Ain't Hard To Handle For Tim Lincecum

Chris Robinson minus the scruff and short shows up for...Wait, I mean James Iha. No, Tiny Tim

It was "Hear Come The Judge" time in Clark County as Tim Lincecum appeared to face marijuana possession charges. He managed to get off with a reduced drug paraphernalia charge and a $513 fine in addition to previously paid fines.
"I'll try not to let this happen again," Lincecum said, standing just a few feet in front of the judge in the cramped courtroom. "I just want to move forward and continue my life."
At that, Lincecum's attorney, Gary Metro, jumped in to profusely thank the judge for his handling of the case.
I'll try to try my best on this one but I can't promise anything. That's the spirit! It would probably help if Lincecum didn't show up in court looking strung out. Scott Weiland salutes his vigor.

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