Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Deuce is Back And Cummunicating

Thank God Mustafa had the wherewithal to have his camera phone at the ready when he saw this typo last night during the wild Boise State / TCU Feista Bowl game. Jeron Johnson is a BSU junior from Compton who majors in something his mother might not be so proud of...cummunication. Its like the punch line to a really bad pickup line and it was displayed right on national television.

But hey, what if he MEANT to have this as his major? If this is the case, then play on playa. Finally, a college major that means something! Life skills that you can actually use instead of something wholly abstract like say philosophy. The Deuce is fully behind Jeron Johnson in his mastery of cummunication. Dear God, can you even imagine what the finals would be like? I can. Skeet skeet skeet...For the rest of his playing career, this kid should be referred to as the Cummunicator and only the Cummunicator from this point forward.

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