Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Videos of Horrific Violence: Be Careful Out There Sledders

Its winter time and there's snow on the ground, which means that its time for the time honored tradition of sledding down hills in wooden or plastic sleds by people who have no business doing so...and thus sledding accidents. I've been searchin the interwebs (or just Break.com) for a few good ones and I couldnt decide which one i liked, so I'm sticking them all up there. To save front page space, i'm just going to stick the rest after the jump. If you are bored and need to get some joy out of the physical pain of others...well enjoy...sickos.

1 comment:

flaco said...

girl into door was winning because of the sound effects, but man through plate glass takes the victory.

God i love it when people hurt themselves.