Friday, December 5, 2008

Wie Close To Return To Sucking On Pro Tour

That's right, our favorite misguided female golfer could be back in the LPGA soon. Michelle Wie hit 7 under on day 3 on the Champions Course at Q school yesterday and with just 20 golfers getting their pro card, Wie is in good position to return to suckage on the LPGA tour.

This has to be a good thing for the LPGA tour since Annika Sorenstam is retiring, the tour needs someone to give them some press and/or controversy in the coming year and Wie is just the lightning rod the tour needs to give them some ratings power. Who wouldn't tune in to watch her get beat down by the women that she didn't ever want to play against the first time around? I would...maybe...for like the first round...and then only if i'm really hungover...and if nothing exciting is on fishing...or something.

From USA Today

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