Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not To Be Outdone, NBA To Broadcast All Star Events In 3D

NBA is making an attempt at 1up'ing the NFL this season by showing its 2009 All Star pre-gameday Events in 3-d at 80 theaters across the nation. A full list of them is up on the LA Times sports blog. (Side note: I love how the theater for Washington DC is actually in the middle of Virginia over an hour's drive away.)

This means that we can all watch the tortuously slow slam dunk contest in a whole new way. Nothing better than watching players attempt a dunk 13 times with all their missed dunks flying right at you. I also can't imagine how much more excitement I can handle with the skills challenge players dodging cones right out of the screen. I think Stern should possibly rethink this.

The 3 point contest might be good in 3-d i guess, when the guys actually make their dunks that might be neat too, but i cannot imagine paying the $18-22 ticket price to sit in a movie theatre and paying movie theatre food prices with the possibility of no alcohol all to watch a bunch of meaningless events and no game. At least the NFL's invite only broadcast was for a legitimate game. This is a bunch of skills contests. Why couldn't they just show the All Star game in 3-d? The cameras will already be there wont they? Doesn't make much sense to me.

Leave it up to the NBA to botch something as cool as 3-d.

Via LA Times

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