Monday, December 15, 2008

Bonzi Wells Seeking New Start In China

Having played his way out of the NBA, Bonzi Wells apparently cannot even be signed by a European league basketball team as he just signed with Shanxi Zhongyu, a team trying to get out of the bottom of the Chinese basketball association. Bonzi seems confident that this marriage will work out:
"I will not have any problems with the coaches. I am not a bad boy," the Basketball Pioneers newspaper on Monday quoted Wells as saying.

"When I was with Portland I had that image but I was young and didn't understand. At the time I was a little excessive."

Yes, because intentionally striking and verbally abusing a referee can be considered "a little excessive". So can possibly spitting on a player and giving a fan the finger. Just a bit. I hope Bonzi knows what he's doing now, I can't imagine he's gonna get much of a break there in China.

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