Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Starbury Gets Clowned By The Swiss

Things are going from stupid to ridiculous for Stephon Marbury. Not only has he been banished by his team but now he's getting punked by the Swiss who are known for their humor.

Several people claiming to be Swiss bankers with connections to Real Madrid attempted to recruit Starbury to play for the Spanish giants. It turns out they were fakers. He didn't find this out before he returned calls and emails on Saturday. Now he's considering turning their information over to the law.

The pranksters also contacted the Post, AP and the New York Times to promote Starbury's imminent move to Real and Real president Ramon Calderon's contacts with Donnie Walsh. Too bad none of it was true. Starbury playing in Spain would make for great reality TV. We might get a Kwame Brown moment where he blows up when he can't get Spanish Fly at a restaurant.

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