Thursday, December 18, 2008

Corie Blount Probably Should Have Just Stuck To Smoking Weed

I am a huge fan of the Showtime show "Weeds". Its one damn good witty dramedy type show right there. Its never inspired me to become a purveyor of pot however, but in looking at Corie Blount's case before a grand jury it seems he might have been into the show more than me. Dude got arrested when police stopped 11 pounds of marijuana from reaching his grandmother's house and, as a bonus, they found 18 more pounds of weed in his OWN house. I hope for Blount's sake his grandma isn't like the weed dealing grandma Heylia on the tv show, because you he wouldn't ever want to show his face around her house again.

Holy fancy dancin Jesus that is a lot of pot. Sure its not as much as Nate Netwon who got caught with 213lbs of the sacred herb in his car, then a few weeks later got arrested with another 175lbs of the mary jane, but maybe the 3 guns and nearly $30,000 also confiscated will get him a little bit more cred in the American Professional Sports Criminals Club.

Yea i just made that club up. But if that existed, doesn't Rae Carruth have to be the president?

From Journal News

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