Monday, December 15, 2008

Good Looking QB's Make More Money

No wonder Jeff George hasn't been able to get back into the league, he's just too ugly for football. A study by economists David Berri, Rob Simmons and Jennifer Van Gilder theorizes that quarterbacks that have the facial symmetry that is statistically considered to be "good looking" actually make more money in the NFL than uglier quarterbacks. They looked at Qb's from 1995-2006 and how they looked, their salaries, and a whole bunch of other data to come to this conclusion.
“We collected data on how good-looking they are. This is something that you can empirically measure,” Berri said by phone. “The NFL takes pictures of every quarterback and you can measure the symmetry of a person’s face. That is a measure of attractiveness.

“We got the pictures, took the measurements and we simply plugged that into our model that we already had constructed. Turned out that they symmetry of a person’s face was statistically related to their salary. The results were strongest for the quarterbacks who don’t get on the field as much. So the quarterbacks at the lower end of the income distribution, they’re the ones who see the biggest payoff.”

Good-looking quarterbacks such as the Titans’ Kerry Collins make more than $300,000 per year than the factors would forecast. Jeff George, who didn’t score as high on the beauty scale, was paid less.

I think the crazy thing is that they consider Kerry Collins to be a good looking man. Couldn't they use a better example like male model Tom Brady or something? That is the picture of male attractiveness right there? Yeesh.

The good thing about this study is that for guys like JP Losman or David we might know why they are still hanging around this league despite the fact that they can't play a lick of quarterback in the NFL. All show and no substance, Jeff George must have read this and put his fist through a wall.

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