Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is Next. Bundesliga Wear ... Very Nice

I remember watching Moscow on the Hudson when I was younger and thinking that every Warsaw Pact country resembled movie Moscow with no choices and long lines. I also thought smoke stacks filled the skylines and everything was in black and white. Good job, American propaganda but guess what. We were wrong.

The West, especially Wendy's, owes the former Eastern Bloc a big apology. Who knew they were trying to prevent infiltration by things such as this disastrous union of soccer, fashion and 70s Germans?

Don't try to tell me goofballs weren't involved in this vomitorium of color and bad haircuts. If I were a Communist leader, I too would feel it my duty to never allow such nonsense into my country even at the cost of my people's freedom. You shame Erick Honecker and Ceausescu now but that's only because you don't see the big picture like they did.

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