Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Vince Young's Girl Can Party With Us Anytime

Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young gets injured a lot and those injuries require a lot of pain management to get through a game. Likewise, Candice Young Johnson, Vince Young's fiancée, has found her own way to deal with whatever pain she's dealing with...she goes out partying at "get high" lounges while her man plays the game and pays the bills. Here's what a tipster at said about his encounter with Ms. Young.
This past weekend in Denver, Vince Young's [fianc�e] and her entourage were spotted at a 'get high lounge.' They were in the VIP area and she was acting funny saying that all the "little people" should get out of her section.

She sounds like she is pure class to us, Vince. Way to be playa.

Check out a picture of her taken while smoking...something.

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