Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Sport: Quidditch

Quidditch is a game inspired by the Harry Potter books, which the Deuce has not read nor seen the films based off of, but is now being played by a few liberal arts schools (ie: stoners) here in the states. The Deuce is not even going to attempt describe this athletic event, Science Blog does a very good description of it in it's blog, but watch here as a Vassar college student attempts to explain this game in preparation for its "World Cup" against Middlebury college. Dear God, what have we become as a society...


100% Injury Rate said...

It says I'm glad I didn't go to Vassar or Middlebury.

We played real sports in college, like real life Ds&Ds on the front lawn.

Signal to Noise said...

Jesus Christ, people. Clearly, no one gets stoned up there, otherwise they'd be taking in the time-honored pastimes of Ultimate Frisbee and wiffle ball.

These Quidditch people are one step above the people who battle with foam swords and fake armor.