Thursday, December 3, 2009

Spoiler Alert: Roy Jones Jr. Gets Knocked Into Bolivian Down Under

Mike Tyson pulled a genius move for his last fight. He decided to get wrecked by a tomato can in the nation's capital. It is your right to lose. At least Roy Jones Jr. traveled to the other end of the earth to get beat down by a nobody. It's two days from now in Australia already.
"Damn, son! You got knocked the fuck out!"
"Man, you're living in the past. I'm on some other shit right now."
Jones traveled to Sydney to fight Australian Danny Green for some belt. It's supposedly called the IBO world cruiserweight title belt. It's probably made out of Aborigines and gold. I'm having a title fight for my belt in Vanuatu next month. The belt's composition shouldn't matter to Jones because he didn't make it out of the first round. See for yourself. It'll save you the trouble of watching Versus.

Jones should go back to rapping. He's no worse than most rappers from the South. He can fight Soulja Boy over who should be called Superman. He should win that fight.

Let's not be too hard on the former champ. He didn't make any excuses for his performance. However he has to feel terrible that he lost to a guy who came out to Down Under by Men At Work. That should signal the end of a career especially one as great as Jones'.

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