Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Antoine Walker Is A Man With A Plan

Our boy, 'Toine Walker finally got a plan together to pay back the various casinos that he owes over $770k because he failed to pay back a bunch of casino markers. With fines and restitution added, Walker has to pay up to the tune of just over $900,000. Ouch! That's gotta be tough for a man with no job. He must pony up about $13,000 a month minimum at first and if he ever gets a basketball gig in the NBA or Europe he must pay a minimum of just over $21,000 a month. Double ouch! To use Antoine's words:
"I’ve made some mistakes with some finances,

With the luck that Iverson has had finding a job this year, I'm sure that 'Toine will have no problem getting a job. Everyone wants a me first, shoot first, out of shape, 33 year old forward on their roster. Well, maybe not here, but Europe might be calling, I mean he averaged 8.5 ppg last year in the NBA, that is like at least 13ppg there in Europe easy.

He'd better get a job quick because the judge in this case, Melanie Andress-Tobiasson (right), apparently has no tolerance for any sort of shenanigans with his payments:

"I can tell you at the point he stops making payments, I will bind him up so fast it’ll make your head spin,"

Or, maybe she's just kinky like that?

From the Providence Journal

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