Thursday, May 24, 2007

You know you got hit hard...

...when you are still boxing after getting knocked the F&#% out! Holy shit he got hit hard, this is definitely keeping up with our Thursday "Random Video of Horrific Violence" theme day. If i am hearing it correctly, Simon Brown is playing the role of "Unconscious, Yet Still Creepily Punching The Air Around Him, Boxer No.1" in this video.

Ghost Fighting - Funny blooper videos are here

As always the video's comments section is full of nuggets to share:
"Its sport, wonderful spirit of sportsmen"
"Brain damage? What brain damage?"
"30 years he'll be standing on a street corner performing that same routine..."
"Looks like he's in heaven"
"how can you tell a real fighter? he fights even in his sleep! nighty night!"
"At least he went down swinging!!!"

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Mustafa Redonkulous said...

You got knocked the fuck out!