Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Manute Bol: Where Are You Now?

Well on May 14th he apparently was standing at the security line of Oakland airport like most other people trying to flee Oakland as quick as they humanly can. I'm glad Manute sill has some cash left for a fly suit after giving away most his NBA riches to Sudanese refugees, that makes me feel good. Its also interesting to see that Mr. Bol travels light. He's got not a single carry-on bag there. Its a wonder good ole Abe Polin of the Wizards doesn't have him under his employ still? He has some other really tall guy working for him, why not two? Who was that guy again? Ah, i dunno. Anyway, I wonder who Manute's flight crew is?Thanks to Weapon Shaped forums for this find. Manute Bol photo by BillyB No3

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